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New C5 owner problems



I am a new owner (12 days) of a '98 convertible. When I drive the car for 30 minutes without shutting off the engine, the fuel gage goes to empty, check gages light comes on, and DIC says low fuel. I can reset the DIC but the fuel gage stays on empty and the check gages light stays on. After that the DIC message comes on every 10 minutes as it should since the fuel gage problem is not corrected. I noticed this the first day I drove it and also realized the horn on the steering wheel did not work but it would sound when the car was locked with the remote. I called the previous owner and he said to try disconnecting the battery negative cable and then reconnect. I did that and then the horn worked, but it did not fix the fuel gage problem. In addition, now the remote lock acts like it is in the passive mode. I have syncronized the remote by holding the lock and unlock at the same time and have also gone through the FOB training on the DIC. Any help out there?


C5 problems


I checked the horn fuse (#11) in the engine compartment and even switched it just in case it was bad and looked good. I thought it might be the horn relay, also in the engine compartment fuse box. But I couldn't figure out how to remove it to check it. Then the horn worked again for a few days, but is out now.I didn't see any fuse identifeid in my owners manual that corresponded to the fuel gage. That doesn't seem to be a fuse problem any way, as the fuel gage restes after the engine is shut off and then restarted. Any ideas on my remote looking problem?

I bought it from a private owner.

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I believe there was either a recall or a service bulletin regarding problems with the fuel sending units on one of the C5 model years. I don't remember the specifics though. Go to http://corvetteactioncenter.com/bulletin.html and run a bulletin search for 1998 and see what comes up.

Paul, aka "c4c5specialist" is a Corvette mechanic who is a member here and works for a Chevrolet dealership. He is extremely knowledgeable on C5s and we're very fortunate to have him here as a member. He usually checks in here daily so chances are, he will see your post and provide some feedback to you.


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HI there,
Welcome. As for your conditions, the fuel tank sensing unit is a known concern for the c5 body style. So much so that there is a bulletin for this concern.
Basically states that there will be a few codes that you may see in the PCM, when this condition presents itself. The bulletin is 01-06-04-022, and it says that if you have either codes, p0461 or a p1431, that the passenger side fuel tank sensing unit should be replaced.
As for the horns, a diagnostic check should be done, and the body control module should be checked for diagnostic codes as well.
It sounds like you have a good mechanical knowledge, so if you like, you can check your codes yourself, by doing the following.
Sit in the car, close the door, and start the car. Reset any DIC messages, by hitting the reset button until all messages are clear. Then, hold the #4 button, while pushing the #1 button four times, then release both buttons. This will put you into diagnostics mode. The codes will come fast, so just have a pen ready, and it will start with 10-PCM, and the codes will show, one at a time. The DIC will go through every computer in the car, so write them all down, and post tonight.
With these codes, it will be alot easier to find your root cause, and repair it.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb


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Sep 30, 2001
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2000 C5 Gas Gauge Drops to Empty

I just read Floyd's message about the gas gauge problem. I have a 2000 C5 Coupe and my gas gauge also periodiically drops to empty. The problem started right before I stored the car for this winter so I was not able to take it to the dealer. I am afraid that if I take it to the dealer when the gas gauge is working the dealer will report it as "NO TROUBLE FOUND". I will try the suggestion poster by "c4c5specialist". Hopefully before I take the car to the dealer the gauge will drop to empty and stays that way long enough to troubleshoot the problem. I will be watching replys to Floyd's message for more suggestions before I take the car to the dealer.


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Nov 1, 2001
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fuel gage problems

hey floyd-just read an article on your problem in corvette fever-jan 2002 issue pge 34-this seems to be a big enough problem for them to do an article on with a step by step fix -replace-it seems the filters get air trapped in them and the srew up.it happened to mine a '99 just the other day and reset did the trick -however call the gm hotline and report it as if enough of us call there might be one of those re-calls- if you don't get that mag write me back and i'll fax or e-mail to you keep waving-dennis


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Nov 18, 2001
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I've had my gas gage do the same thing 3 or 4 times in 4 years. There seems to be some connection as to how the tank was filled. If you try to "top it off" rather than stop on the first automatic cut off, it will read empty shortly after the fill up. I've never had to unhook the battery to get it to reset, it seems to reset on the next start up or two. I've thought it may have something to do with the overflows return of excess gas. Just a thought, your results may vary. ;)

Karl Snedeger

Gas Gaugge

The same thing has happened to my 98 coupe when I try to top it off when filling the gas tank. I don't top off any more and haven't had the problem since. Good luck.

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