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New car arrived, EARLY....YEAAAHAAA


Oct 22, 2001
Quincy, Illinois
Black 2002, Red '81 & Green '69
Hi all,
My new black coupe arrived early, talk about a great Christmas present! I put over 400 miles on this weekend, so the break in period is almost over. It has been very difficult keeping my foot out of it, although it did see a little over a hundred and twenty last night! I kept it in OD and let it wind slowly. (I not sure the C-5 can do anything slowly!) Man, it's awesome! I thought my '81 and '69 were fast cars, there is no comparison! So far everything seems tight and no squeaks, unlike a C-3. Pictures will be posted soon. Sure glad to be part of the "modern" crowed again. Pete
WHAT ??? Are we supposed to be Impressed

I can't talk on behalf of the rest but I'M IMPRESSED AND ENVIOUS.
CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO THE CACC. I hope you have many great times with your new Vette. Hope to see some pics soon. What a Fantastic X-MAS GIFT. JINGLE VETTE, JINGLE VETTE JINGLE ALLTHE WAY............ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS, fxstbi.
Congratulations!!! Get some pictures up when you can!
Congrats on your new C5. I know you will enjoy it for a long long time. Once you drive one, you never want another sports car again because there is no comparison. Welcome to CACC and Happy Holidays.:grinsanta :SANTA :xmas

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