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Boater Chuck

What advice do you have for how to break in a 2002 Corvette?
I have been told everything from baby it for the first 5,000 miles to flog it after 100 miles.

Thanks for the input.
I wouldn't get on it too much for the first 5,000 miles or so. You may also want to change the oil at about 2,500 miles since it is a new car and the oil might get a bit more dirty. Other than that just have fun and enjoy.
I varied the rpms' didn't use the cruise, no WOT for the first 500 miles. Hard to do but worth the effort. Some recommend no higher than 55 MPH, but if you don't hammer it you can go faster. After 500 miles, all bets are off :_rock Have fun and keep the greasy side down....
I vary my speeds and don't go over 55 mph for the first 500 miles. with no hard stops and starts, Boater Chuck. When I am on the highway going 55 mph...everyone passes me and my
"C PAT GO" license plates. :D

Thanks for all the advice.

I picked her up last Friday night and have kept the RPMs under 4 grand - usually under 3.

I have been varying the RPMs even when on the expressway, but I couldn't keep it under 55. I did keep it under 100 though.

No hard stops so far and No WOT either. Now have 450 miles on her so I should be able to go to 4 grand more often.

Car is incredible! Everything I heard about Corvettes was UNDERstated.

Thanks again!
Enjoy the car as I'm sure you will just like the rest of us Corvette owners.

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