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New car, how soon can I wax it?


Oct 22, 2001
Quincy, Illinois
Black 2002, Red '81 & Green '69
Hi All,
I picked up my new black coupe a couple of weeks ago and I want to know if I have to wait to wax it or if it would be safe to put a coat of wax on it with the paint still "fresh". Also, what type and or brand do you recommend? I have used the "cheap wax" on my previous cars and they always looked good. This is the first base coat - clear coat 'Vette I have had. Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks, Pete:confused
I have seen only one factory bulletin on this and it said to wait 30 days from the build date on your drivers door jam. As to what kind of wax to use, your guess is as good as mine. Good Luck
IMHO, a new car can be waxed as soon as it's rolled out of the plant, due to the fact that the factory paint jobs are cured at high temperatures.
New car's go through the paint booth without the rubber and plastic items attached. so the paint is cured by the time the car is finished.

Recently, I've been using Meguiar's "Gold Class Clearcoat Liquid Wax" on my Black 1990 ZR-1 with Excellent results. :dance
Take a look in the Care and Detailing forum for ideas on waxing. Also take a look at the Long Term / Winter Storage article under the washing and waxing section. I believe it's on page 2.
Thanks for the replies. Broke out the wax and gave it the once over. Pete

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