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New Carpet Padding


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Apr 12, 2001
New England
2010 CRMT Grand Sport Coupe
I have to replace the carpet pad under the passenger seat in my 82 due to a bad heater core. I purchased generic padding from Ecklers cut for an 82. My question is what side up? The wool or the shield? The pad is cut for wool side up. The picture looks like shield side up. does it matter? The original pad is really two pads, so it's hard to tell. I would assume wool side down so any condensation can run to the hole/nipple in the floor.

TIA - Guy
This was a dumb question. I found the error of my ways. What I bought was the sound deadener.

Thanks Guy for letting us know

I was :confused when I read this, so I waited a couple of hours and read it again and I was still :confused

Whew... you had me almost ready to go look at Rare and see what she is wearing... :J

BudD, Don't look under my gal's skirt, because she is now missing part of her slip! Bubba struck last night. It was a NASTY job, but I cut out the deadener (full of anti-freeze) and shaved the wet pad off the carpet in the passenger area in front of the seat forward (obviously the pad was full of A/F). I then cleaned the floor and carpet back with Dawn liquid (wife is Dawn but she would not help). I then fit the deadener pieces in place and left the carpet to dry out until tonight. I'll shampoo the carpet after it's all done. Problem now is I have no pad in that area and I hope the carpet is not too lose fitting. I know I will have to replace the carpet at some point but it's original and still looks good. So, it's a Bubba job for now.
Sorry for the confusion. I confuse myself.


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