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New engine break-in questions



I am picking up my 01' Z06 in Bowling Green on the 7th of May and plan on driving it back to Wisconsin, can anyone advise me on how to ensure a proper engine break-in is performed? I am certain they can answer the question when I pick it up, but would like to plan my return trip accordingly.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

P.S. Approximate trip length is 500 miles.
break in


The only proper way that I can think of would be to drop it off at my place on your way back behind the chedder curtain. I will return it to you in late Sept. completely and properly broken in. :J

Other than that, I believe that engines are run it at the factory and shipped with synthetic oil in them. You should be able to drive in a normal manner from the start . I would avoid getting the engine hot (above normal operating temps) and sustained high speeds such as 70mph interstates for hours at a time. Might be a good time to explore some of the more senic roads through KY and IN and IL.

BTW what color?

I believe that proper engine break-in procedures should be listed in your owner's manual which will come with the car.
Thanks for the reply. I had entertained the idea of an alternate route, just so I could vary RPM and engine load. Was trying to figure how long it would take to get back to WI., interstate will take much less time, not that I want to get back home soon.

No inconvenient break-in procedure is necessary.

For the first 500 miles, I wouldn't run the engine to red line rpm though I wouldn't "baby" it, either. I'd work up to red line by shifting at 4500 then 5000 and finally 6000. After 500 miles, I'd run it hard. Between 500 and 2000 miles you ought to notice a small change/improvement in performance as the engine fully breaks-in.

At 500 miles, I'd change the oil filter. At 1000 miles I'd drain the 5W/30 and change the oil to either Mobil 1 or Red Line 10W30, then adopt the factory-recommended drain interval of 15,000 miles or annually. At the same time I'd switch to the ACDelco Ultra Gard gold filter and change it every 5000 miles.
Break in

Thanks for the reply! I was pretty close on my assumptions on break in, but appreciate all the advice, as I certianly would not want to break her in any less than optimal. I look forward to the ride home, just hope the troopers are not looking as forward to it as I am. :)

Have a great week!


I'm jealous.....that would be an awesome opportunity to be able to drive a brand new Z06 home. Good luck and keep us posted!

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