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new injectors


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May 16, 2013
Toms River, NJ
1989 Blue Z51 6 spd Manual Transmission
So I have a 1989 Z51 6 spd. It was backfiring since I bought it. But it started to backfire so badly on deceleration that it would stall. I read on one of the threads that the injectors could be the problem. I called a company that rebuilds the fuel injectors, I forgot the name but I got it from here. Rich answered and said that my year fuel injectors were notorious for this problem and that they were not repairable. He cave the name of a company in Rochester NY and they sent me new injectors.

Just FYI. You do not need to remove the intake runners to remove the injectors. All you have to do is remove the throttle body from the plenum and then you can lift the plenum and loosen the fuel rail and remove the injectors. I am telling you this because through my own lack of paying attention I have to remove the runners a second time and install them on the correct sides of the engine. This job has taken me 12 or move hours. Should have taken 3. Especially if I had noticed that the runners can stay on the car and you can remove the injectors.

Have a good evening.

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