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Jun 27, 2008
Van Nuys, Cal
original owner of 70 vette coupe and 01 red coupe
Hi everyone. I'm Jay and have had a corvette continuously since 1961. My first Vette was a used 60 with a 3 speed tranny no heater or defroster and had a liftoff top. It was silver with a 283 ci engine and it ran great. I eventually had the engine built to a 302 and had a 4 speed installed. I kept that car till I got a fairly new 67 coupe, 427 big block, 400hp, hydraulic lifter engine with tripower setup. That was a fun machine that kept me broke buying gas to the point that I had the tripower carbs and manifold removed and installed a Quadrajet 4 barell carb manifold setup. That car was a 4 speed with air conditioning and power windows and black leather interior, and also had power steering and power disc brakes all around. The exterior was a dark metallic green with a white racing center stripe on the hood and roof and rear deck set off by pinstrips on either side of the white center stripe. It was beautiful and very fast! I believe it had 3.90 or 4,11 rear end gears. Sure wish I had known what that car would have been worth today! I traded that car because my wife couldn't get used to the manual tranny, so I bought a new 70 vette, in yellow, with automatic tranny and air and leather and power everything and I still have that car with over 100,000 miles on it. I have added a 700R4 tranny for the overdrive and it has been refinished a couple times and it's due again if I can ever afford to do so again. I'm getting too old to do a lot of the work that I used to do. In 83 I ordered and got the first of the "new C3" corvettes. I kept the 84 till the 86's came out and kept the 86 till 91. In 91 I got my first bright red vette and I kept it till 99 when I actually went back to a conventional car, a SS, 6 speed Z-28 camaro in Hugger Orange paint. What a hot rod that was. Once again my wife hated the 6 speed and that lead to my "01, C5 Vette, automatic full power everything that still goes like crazy and I love the car and it's handling and braking and it's great looks and comfort! I have a street rod, a glass 34 Ford 3 window coupe which I bought in 2003 when I retired from running my own hobby shop for 28 years . The "34" was built from a "street Beast Kit by an aquaintance of mine and he reached the age where he wasn't running it any more so I had the opportunity to buy it at a reasonable price and it's one of those car things I've always wanted to do. I've been slowly making it to my liking and I hope that I can keep it for a few more years. It is Chevy powered with a mild 350 and a 700R4 tranny and a 8.8 Ford rearend suspended in coilover shocks and a Mustang II front end and disc brakes and air. It's bright yellow and really shines. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Jay R
Welcome to the :CAC !!

Sounds as though you've had some good Vettes... that '67 sounds awesome!

Enjoy the forums!
:wJane Ann
Welcome to CORVETTE ACTION CENTER Jay; glad you found us. Sounds like you know your way around the Vette world for sure :beer

Bill :w
Welcome aboard, Jay! Love that you've owned that 70 since new, always great to see that.

- Eric:w
welcome to CAC!!!!:welcome
Thanks for the welcome Erik. That's a good looking ride. I wish my 70 had the LT-1 engine. I've sometimes thought of having one built for it, but something always seems to get in the way. Again thanks for the Hello! Jay R
Hi Bill and Gail. I appreciate the welcome and I look forward to finding new and interesting Vette stuff at CAC. Jay R
Jay, welcome to the CAC. That's quite a history you have- and very neat that you've never been without a vette since your first one. :cool

Hi Tammy. Thanks for the welcome. I've been fortunate to be able to hang on to a Vette all these years and I've made sacrafices to have been able to have the cars like I have now. I guess I'm just a "motor head", just can't help myself. Looking forward to my association to CAC. Best wishes and thanks again for the "hello". Jay R
You welcome; if you don't find it here it not worth finding! This is the best Corvette sight known to men & women who share the sleek line, beauty & raw horse power of the "All Ameican Sports Car" the Corvette :thumb of course! The members are the best bar none :beer

Stay in touch,

Bill :w
Hi Bill. I appreciate the welcome and I'm already enjoying the friendship extended from so many of the members. Jay R
Hi Stefan. Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forwaed to the many interesting parts od CAC. Jay R
Welcome aboard. Enjoy !!!! :beer

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