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New Member (Terry) in Portland/Vancouver area. Please contact me if you live nearby and own a C5. Thanks for making me a member.


New member
Jun 24, 2018
Portland OR
White 94 LT1
Thanks for making me a member. I own a 2000 Black on Black Convertible and it started out being my daily driver. I have a Porsche SUV now so I can keep the vette in the garage, sometimes, I park the Porsche off to the side so I can get it out cuz I really like to drive it and have loved Corvettes since i was old enough to know that it is not like any other car. In fact I didn't even know the names of any other cars at that age. I depend on these forums for everything related to my car and the problems I have. The latest being the EBCM that should have been a recall. I have found a write up with detailed instructions on a conversion to the EBCM that was on the later models(01-04). I really don't want to get rid of my car, so the alternative is to keep at it, constantly. I have been bumped a couple of times but the insurance money went to more urgent issues. So she is due for some body work cuz the paint is showing its age, but she is still beautiful (I call it 10-foot-perfect, and the distance can fluctuate depending on the state of repair) Every thing I do has to be an improvement. I can't be content with just fixing it. There needs to be some kind of update or upgrade. It's hard to keep up when the issues start piggybacking, so I gotta get back to the garage and finish the heater control and seat controllers. Bye


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Welcome to CAC!!!
Another Welcome !

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