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Feb 15, 2021
Sandown, New Hampshire
1985 Blue Corvette Coupe
Hello to you all. I own a 1985 L98 coupe, blue on blue, with 75k miles. I'm the second owner and getting to the point of needing to put new parts in it. I live in New Hampshire so it doesn't get out much, but I'm 70 years old and want to enjoy it more than just looking at it in my garage. I'm determined to make it reliable again and will be asking for advice on the project once the weather lets me started. Looking forward to corresponding with other Corvette lovers.
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Welcome to the Corvette Action Center! You're not too far from me. I'm in Manchester! :w
Hi Rob,
Your practically next door, I'm in Sandown. Thanks for reaching out. After looking over the site a little, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy being a member of it.
Another Welcome ! My old 85 was Black.
Had the 85 around 10 years or so.
78 & 85 - Copy.jpg

BTW,I'll be 68 in July Spunky & still turning wrenches for a Trucking Co.
I was driving the 93 till 1/24/21 then they started the brine & salt on the roads.
Been getting snow,sleet etc a couple times a week since then.
Waiting on another round this Thurs.
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Good for you Wayback! I think these weather patterns are all screwed up this year for sure. We typically get the weather down from Canada, but this year its coming up from the south. The storms you are talking about this week and next will be hitting us after you are done with them. Crazy!
Welcome to CAC!!!!
Thanks for the shout out Bill. It's great to be in contact with other corvette enthusiasts. I'm enjoying finding so many that share the fever.
Here's another welcome!! I'm from MA but moved to SC about 16 months ago. I also had an '85 so many years ago! I know a lot of Corvette people in NH and there's a great Corvette club that you might enjoy. They may be able to help you in doing some of your updates. Check out Gate City Corvette Club.


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