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New Seats Help!


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Okay I hate my seats....period

I have found some seats from two companys called Sparco and Corbeau. I need to know if these seats will fit my car ( the ones I chose were the reclining Tourismo ones)

I want to install them onto my Original tracking to keep the power seats alive so forth can this be done?? if anyone knows Anything at all please help I want these seats BUT Im a dummy with this stuff

That bads! Seats make a big difference in your driving experience. I bought a new pair of the factory sport seats recently on EBay for my 95' coupe. I am in the midst of changing them out. Since I have my tracks out, I took some measurments for you. There are four metric threaded (M10x1.5) bolts that attach the seat to the track. The bolt pattern is square & measures 13" forward/aft & 14 5/8" left to right. I went out to the Sparco web site I didn't see a Turismo but they did have a Torino that reclines. I would call them & get the overall dimensions prior to odering. I know that overall width can be a problem sometimes, as the space between your door panel & console is a given. I would also ask a tech Rep. if the seat will fit a Std Corvette power track. You may end up needing to drill thru the seat base/frame as the threads are in the track & not the seat.
Wow Thanks alot!! I sure appreicate the help I'll call Corbeau and Sparco This week and record your measurements
Hello Mr. Red,

Your installing some hot sportseats? Well I am buzy with tath also, I have found a awsome seat, it a MOMO from Italy, It's a sportseat with the small "ears". You can manual adjust the back of the seat and they have guidingrails for on the floor. They come in red,black and blue. Myself I have them ordered in alcantara red. I hope they make them, it is the same seat as in the Lamborgini Diablo GT.

Here in the Netherlands the seat cost about 1000 Euro a piece.

Good luck!


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