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Hi Everybody.

I'm new to the site (member # 2001) and am looking for some suggestions about what to buy.

My lease on my Miata ends in March 2002 and I am ready to get a Vette. I have always loved them and am now in the position to buy one. I will be using it as a daily driver in North Carolina where we have smooth roads and mild winters. I also will be autocrossing the car on weekends as well as the occasional driver school at Virginia International Raceway.

I am thinking about a 1992 - 1996 coupe with the 6 - sp. I have also heard that the Z07 package is excellent for auto-x, so that is a consideration also.

Reliability is a factor also. Since this will be a daily driver, I need for it to start every morning when I go to work.

You all are the experts, so please tell me what year, package, and price you think is the best.


Hello Todd, Welcome to the best vette site on the net. My advice is to look & drive as Many differant vettes as you can. I looked at about 25 before I made up my mind. Ive had my 96 for a while and it has been perfect. Happy Hunting.:gap :upthumbs
Hey Todd,
Welcome aboard. I'm in Raleigh too! And yes you can drive it almost all year. I have a 92/auto. Daily driver. Spends most of it's time on 40/540.
Had a heck of a time trying to find a 6sp around here. Ended up just taking the auto cause it was in such good shape. Don't need to do much shifting on the highway anyways...
A couple of guys I work with autox their Miatas and have a lot of fun. They see all kinds of C4/C5 Vettes show up.
You definetely want to consider the Z07 package or just get one and convert it to a coil-over suspension setup and lower it. I've seen a couple that are doing serious autox stuff.
The general rule here seems to be for each year forward the changes GM made helped the car. So one assumes a 96 is better than a 92. For reliability. Mine starts and goes to work every morning. I've replaced the starter, that's it... LT1 is very dependable engine.

Welcome to the Corvette Action Center. Keith picked out some very good threads that you should take a look at. They may answer some of your questions.
Thanks for the info everybody. I'll check those threads and see what I can find.

I have been using my 92 6spd as a dailly driver for over a year now. Starts every time. Very reliable.

I agree with the idea of driving some to get the feel. Starting your hunt early is good, as 6spds are harder to find.

If possible, look under the cars. I find that this is a great way to tell if they have been hit, or drug over objects.

More than just look down under...

Have wheel off inspection to look at brakes and such and while you're down there, look at everything.

One of the first ones I looked at had been whacked pretty hard. When I pushed about it, I found the guy had gotten a little "air" on highway 299 between Redding and Arcata!!:nono

Lots of sparks and noise. :puke I passed on first principals. I've done that road on a motorcycle and it was fun. I wouldn't do it in a Vette...too much 1st gear time...:hb

Anyway, looking under is always a good idea. On a rack is recommended.


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