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I have just recently purchased a 1992 corvette coupe, after wanting one for quite a few years. The car does not have an owner’s manual and I was wondering if someone could help on a few points.

1) When I start the car the words “INFL REST” appear in the information center window and then goes away, is this normal?
2) The car is equipped with the FX-3 suspension system, is the TOUR setting for normal driving and the SPORT setting for better handling? What is the PERF setting for and how would I check to find out if the system was working?
3) With a warm engine the RPM’s drop fast to about 1,500 and then slowly drop to about anywhere between 1,200 to 900 RPM, is this normal. There appears to be no pattern, or one I have not worked out yet, why it sometime idles at higher RPM that other times. The previous owner informed me the car has been chipped and has a flowmaster exhaust system. I do not know if this may have something to do with it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Muddy welcome to CAC

1) Normal ( when it stays on then ya got a problem)

2) It's a frim firmer firmest thing.. and not alot of diff between em unless you REALLY pushing the car.

3) I dont know about a CHIPPED car 600 to 700 is normal idle. Is it a stick?

I no longer have my C4 owners manual for my 1993 Vette, but I'll try to do this from memory.
1: FX3 settings, just about the way you guessed. Tour for normal driving, Sport for more aggressive driving, Performance for even more aggressive driving.
Each step increase causes the ride control computer to adjust the shock valving at a more aggressive rate, in other words it increases the shock valving to a more firm ride allowing less and less rebound and bound. This tends to dampen out what feels like jounce of the car as it goes over dips and rises. At higher speeds if the bounce or jounce were to become very large excursions, it could cause an out of control condition because the tires are no longer making good contact with the road surface.

2: Your DIC light for the supplemental restraint system should illuminate momentarily because the onboard computer is performing a system check. The lamp lights, as should all the DIC lamps when the key is first turned on, this allows the driver to know that all lamps do in fact illuminate. Remember that a lamp will illumnate only if that monitored system is installed in the vehicle. For example if you do not have the LTPWS (Low Tire Pressure Warning System) that lamp should not illuminate.

3: Idle speed if I remember correctly is about 800 +- 50 RPM, I could be wrong on that though. The high idle that you refer to could be the result of just about anything. Since I'm not sure what it could be, I won't try to guess and send you in the wrong direction. I'm sure somebody out there will come along and help. This is a good forum, somebody will come to your aid.

Thanks guys for the fast reply.

The car is a stick version.

Hey Keith,

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Hey Guy,

That web site is useful, thanks alot.


Here's the number for Helm who does the printing , 1-800-551-4123. I had to order one for my vette too. They cost about $30 unless you want the leather case then there about 60 or 70 I believe. On your fx3 the more you change the settings the quicker your shockes seals wear out. I keep mine on tour most of time unless I go up in mountains then I go to perf. Unless you push your car hard you cann't really tell, the ride is alittle more harsh on perf. So have you been able to wipe off that grin yet? I 've had mine for almost 5 months and every time I get in her there is that grin and wave, keep the wave going.

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