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newbe to to this forum

Apr 19, 2015
Allenton, Wi
1968 lemans blue roadster & a 1969 coupe
Hello to all the members. This seems like a very nice forum. Let me introduce my self. I've had a 6t8 roadster for more than 20 years. It's Lemans blue and only had two factory options ; the 350 hp 327 and a 4-speed. It was in very poor shape when it came to live with me [broken door hinges, cracked exhaust manifold, weather striping and carpeting deterriated, along with a shot suspension. Well as things go the vette is now fully modded, very streetable and fast enough to out do an 08 at Road America at a HPDE event. The C7s have me a little worried so the engine is out and I'm mounting a Vortec super charger on it. Guestimating approx. 625 hp when done.
Just in case it isn't very friendly for the road anymore, two summers ago I acquired a 69 coupe that was almost fully loaded with 90k on it. Well last summer it turned 110k and the anemic L48 was worn out and burning a qt every 650 miles. With the 3.08 rear gears behind the last winter install of a 200r4 it was time for a new engine. So today it fired right up for the very first time ::: a 400 block with 4" stroke crank, Dart heads, forged rotating mass, roller cam & rockers::: Last winter it received a chambered exhaust, well it didn't sound to good with the old L48, but sure woke up with a nice bark to it today. So now to finish up the little odds and ends and maybe tomorrow it will get it's first drive of the season. T
How does one modify the advitar?
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Welcome to CAC.

can't wait to hear about your first run in the 69.

First drive was Wednesday afternoon, and you know that old expression ' No replacement for displacement', well they weren't lying. IMG_1482.jpgIt lites up the tires, busts them loose when the 200r4 shifts into second and there is 3.08 out back. Upgraded the front sway bar to 7/8 from 5/8 and installed a spreader bar, seems like I got it right, very flat through the corners. Yesterday was a :thumb day. Now to get onto the blue car project. T
Welcome to the CAC Terry! However, regarding your Corvette

computor pultzzz

Welcome to the CAC Terry! However, regarding your Corvette

I'm such a putz when it comes to computers, after the engine pict it wouldn't upload any more picts.IMG_0355.jpgHere is a pict from last summer.IMG_0353.jpgThis one from when I first purchased it.IMG_1493.jpgYesterday.

Must be getting better at that pict thing. T
Those are great pics Terry! Thanks for sharing!!
Nice cars, welcome to the best forum on the internet. :thumb
Great car 007 I really like the C6s. In fact I like all Vettes. I didn't realize this forum has been around this long. This is my first computer and it's only 3 years old so this internet world is all new to me. T
2nd tank

Weather has been cooperating, needed to refuel and checked the mileage. Only 17 mpg, but I think that was due to my poor will power [couldn't keep foot out of go pedal]. Only problem so far was that I missed a vacuum hose and had to drive the car with one headlight up. Everyone that has been in the car compliment the ride, firm but not harsh or bone jarring. The 427SBC sure does step out, cracks the tires loose upon shifting into second even with 3.08s. Cruises at 2200RPM @ 70 MPH. I'm very happy with the way everything has turned out so far. Speaker upgrades and an a alarm system are on the to do list. Does anyone know if I can install a 70 or newer dash pad in a 69? I like the idea of the upper speaker mounting. One of the guys is taking his rail to Great Lakes dragway Memorial weekend, maybe I'll make a few passes. Stay tuned. T

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