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Nitrous Oxide


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May 23, 2001
1985 Bright Red Rocket
Im Looking to Install a go quick button on my 85 (around a 80Hp kit as not to hurt or blow off my heads) Im new to the Idea and was looking for advice on how to go about preping my car for this or if I even need to.

I see Honda and Neons running this stuff with not alot of PRO parts underneath pretty much stock so I was figuring I would be okay Please gimme some advice Im a Novice with Nitrous

Make sure that who ever sets it up knows what they are doing. Monitor fuel pressure and timing. Stock, I hear as long as you stay under 100, and set it up properly, it should be fine.

My problem is that in a convert, I really don't have the room to put a bottle if I would like to carry other things like a jacket or cd's.

Mounting Nitrous

Hey Mike,

I don't know if you considered it, but you could remove the spare and fabricate a housing to hold the bottle.

I'm currently installing it into an '85 coupe (strictly for racing), and there's room in the back. I looked at my '92 convert and the spare tire area came to mind. I'm not thinking about doing it, it was just that you got me thinking.

Have fun,

Depending on your mileage, running nitrous is pretty straightforward. Look at this thread,some nitro advice, and scan down to find the N2O talk. If you have any more questions, I'll try to help you out. --Bullitt
Okay Bullit red the articles.

My Engine has about 135 000 KM on it so whats that like 60 70 000 miles?? its in good shape puls I had the Valve Seals done as well

As for the Fuel Pump mine runs of the engine mechanicly right how do I remove that? and cover up the Gap

And what Fuel Pump should I get thats cost effective?

Also about the Fuel Regulator what do you suggest?

Im already running Dynomax Rear Exhaust (soon headers from hedman Ceramic coated) and a FULL MSD Ignition under Bosch +4 plugs

Along with the NOS upgrade will be a stage 2 Jet COmputer (160 degree thermo) and some Air toys (K & N , Air foil , Exposed air box etc..)
Hmm... I thought you'd have a electrical fuel pump for a fuel injected engine. I'm not missing something am I? Give me the run down on your engine set-up and we'll go from there. BTW, your mileage seems to alright for the juice, so I'd go with it. --Bullitt
The '85 did indeed have an electrical in-tank fuel pump. ;)

It is also more than adequate for any job until you get into the big horsepower (400-500 hp) figures.

Okay, let's talk about the fuel pump. These in-tank designs can be a pain in the a** to replace, due to draining the gas. If it's condition is known to be good, I'd stick with it. If it's questionable, I'd replace it and be safe. Nothing worse than saving a few bucks now to spend a whole lot, later.

Fuel regulators. Most companies like BBK sell a good, adjustable regulator that should do fine. They have #1714 for "85-'92 GM 305/350 TPIs for around $60. Jet Performance Products sells a nice aluminum billet unit for around $100 if you want the look, too.

Some of you guys seem to have all the luck. As I mentioned in another post, Car Craft is doing a Project Firebird (TPI), that has had all the mods you're probably considering. They laid out about $484, with the exception of the MSD set-up or nitrous. $60 of that was on tune-up parts. It resulted in a .3 second improvement without hitting the N2O. The Nitrous squeezed a 1.5 shave off the quarter before, but the complete package hasn't been tested, yet. --Bullitt
Bullitt said:
Okay, let's talk about the fuel pump. These in-tank designs can be a pain in the a** to replace...

Whoa Dude! I beg to differ. :L

Bullitt, I just had mine out twice (Because I was stupid and didn't have the tank gasket the first time! :eek:) and except for the tight confines, to which we should all be accustomed by now, it was a piece o' cake.

Unsnap one electrical connection, disconnect three hoses (the feed, the return and the vent) and remove twelve bolts securing the filler neck to the tank. The hardest part is getting the rubber boot out, but you just gotta deform it a little. If all goes well, you shouldn't even have to remove the license plate. ;)

_ken :w
I just don't like dealing with gasoline, Ken. Something about it giving me cancer, really gets on my nerves. :mad All in the name of clean air. :eyerole I was looking at the prices of the aftermarket pumps and they're not as bad as I thought they would be. Did you upgrade your stocker, dude? --Bullitt
Bullitt said:
I just don't like dealing with gasoline...

:L I worked in a refinery for twenty years, I got no qualms about gasoline, or any carbon based fuel for that matter. It's the nuclear stuff that makes the "Blinky's" like you see on the Simpsons. ;)

Nah, I replaced the fuel pump in kind, but now we're talking 530-540 hp as of yesterday, so I may be upgrading yet. :eyerole

I put a NOS system on a friends 00 GMC Sonoma truck last year. It was a basic system up to 150 hsp shot. Very straight forward. This is a not a difficult thing to do. It is a real blast to hit the "Go Baby Go" button and hang on.

Nikki won't go for it, and seeing how she gives me a long leash as is, but I would love to put some NOS on either the 90 Vette or the 69. Of all the crazy things I do, she puts her foot down there. My luck if I sneak a bottle in there I would wrap myself around a tree. Kind of like the kid in the old movie that puts his eye out with the BB gun anyway.
Joe- thanks for the idea for putting the tank where the spare it. Hidden...sneaky.

Ken, dont' worry so much about the nuke stuff. I have worked around it, not so bad. Actually, flight attendants are the ones that get the radiation. Ok, one more little known fact...there is more radiation around a coal-powered electrical plant than a nuclear-powered plant.

As for the juice....It has temped me several times. I have one friend who has run it, and he is encouraging me. On the other hand another friend counters with "all throttle, no bottle."

Ive got a buddy who drags a 87 GNX . He bought a small NOS bottle that supposed to bolt to the frame of a scooter. He has it hidden in the a/c evap housing. I know you dont want that but the bottle is small enough to go just about any were. Its good for a couple of pases when he needs a little xtra. He says its not cheating till sombody finds it:_rock
Thats the greatest Race Cheat Ive ever heard LOL but I gotta a speaker box designed for full coverage that effectively made a Sub floor out of my hatch space Im going to use to tank thats about 6 Inchs round and about 15 inchs long I think

The Fuel Regulator sounds like the only real part I need then so thats No problem

If Kens that confident in my Fuel Pump (which I didnt realize was in the tank) ((I dont have my car its at my mechanics under tarps for winter)) Im going to do it

Thanks for all the Info and if anyone thinks of anything else cool lemme know

OH Forgot I saw a 87 convert with the NOS gauges on the Left pillar of the windsheild does anyone know where to get that I REALLY want that its looks righteous not to mention all the REAL earls plumbing he had
WOOT! going there now arent those Great! Lol Okay new suggestion on the NOS

I found Holley AKA NOS.. Has the part Number 05151 and that it says it includes Everything I need So im asking

it Brand name NOS the way to go Vs Edelbrock or something

Does it come with gauges?
Does it come with DECENT looking plumbing
Am I gonna have any HUGE hidden costs?

I cant seem to find my answers
Thanks for the info on the small bottle. Maybe this summer. ;)
Shop Around

My advice is not to buy performance products from the large Corvette mail-order companies. Usually, you can save money by buying from Summit or Jeg's. For example, the gauge pods are listed at $25-30 in Eckler's, while Jeg's has them at $20-25. For a pressure gauge Eckler's wants $100 and $230 for a fuel pressure gauge. Meanwhile at Jeg's, the same fuel pressure gauge #105-4363 @ $188 saves you $42. You should also be able to save a few bucks on the NOS pressure gauge, too. It all depends how big you want the gauges in either the 2 1/16 or 2 5/8 sizes.

All Nitrous kits nowadays, are inclusive all the way. You'll get the braided plumbing, all hardware, brackets, switches, jets and whatever you need to be complete. Extra stuff like hand-held buttons, gauges and shiny stuff will drive up your bottom line price. It all depends on what you want and how much you're willing to pay. Whether it's NOS or Edelbrock, you're dealing with reputable companies that have been around because they provide quality stuff. Be 100% confident in your decision, so if you have to bug the tech guys to feel comfortable, do it. It's your car and your money. --Bullitt

I wonder at the term "reputable companies" when refering to NOS systems. I contacted one of them and asked for a recommendation on installation. They said they did not recommend installers, then I asked about a warrantee and I got a blank.

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