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Nitrous Oxide

The truth is NOS is not going to be good for anything on the car, but it will put a big old grin on your face.........or at least until..............you have to replace a u joint, gaskets, uh, pistons, rods and bearings.

No really, I love the stuff, but it is hard on an engine at even very low levels of power. There is no way to really warranty any of this kind of stuff other than obvious manufactures defects in the systems. However, how do you know for sure if a valve did or did not stick when the engine blows? In other words, if you get plenty of NOS, but the fuel valve stuck for a split second, how do you prove that to anybody when you are facing a $3,500 rebuild on the engine?

Geeeeezzz, I am starting to sound like my Dad.

Then again, you should be doing all of this in secrect anyway. You saw the "Fast and the Furious" didn't you? If it wasn't for nitrous there would not have been much of a movie there.
Fast and the Furious

I just watched that for the first time last night and all I could think of was "those poor bastards with the 4bangers...is that all they could afford" :) Then they brought out the 900hp hemi Challenger, I kind of felt at home. More my kinda car, raw horsepower beats a blast of NOS anytime in my book.
That Big Ol Challenger was on NOS wasnt it?
Injection is nice but I'd rather be blown

I'll have to check the DVD but I think it just had that bigass blower.
So NOS does not recommend an installer? Alot of aftermarket companies don't. Why should they just trust anyone with the reputation of their company? No warranty? That's the price to pay when juicing up. Imagine almost every Pro Street guy trying to file a claim on a $100,000 engine repair when a cylinder leaned out and engulfed the car, then blaming the nitrous system.

Hey guys, I haven't watched the Fast and the Furious, but I can spot a Dodge Charger from a mile away. Of course, I'm always looking for them and their Winchester pump carrying occupants all the time. ;) --Bullitt
Another question about NOS. How would someone use it on the road? For instance the other day I was going up the interstate in the 92 Corvette with a friend and a new Mustang zoomed in front of me. After this happend the second time I took the challange and took off after it. I caught up but then had to brake hard as taffic blocked me from passing.

As the road opened up again I hit the gas again and took off again and although I easily passed the Mustang my question is if the Mustang was another Corvette could I "hit the button" and use it quick like that?

Such a contest could go on again for instance to a higher speed. Can you keep hitting the NOS ?

Sounds like you ripped somebody a new one.

Anyway, NOS can be set up many different ways. You can set it up on a push button action only where you have to request the not to kick in, then it delivers the shot.

Another way is to put a micro switch on the throttle so that after you arm the system the NOS will kick in when you floor the car.

Finally, you can get a progressive NOS kit that will follow the throttle and or RPM and deliver a measured amount of NOS that increases as you press down harder on the pedal. This is the most expensive and accurate way to feed the motor and control the car as the power blast is building. When the NOS kicks is is quite a surprise (a fun one at that), but the progressive system makes it less noticeable and more like you just have a massive engine.

The down side other than trashing the engine is you only get a minute or two worth of go juice out of each tank, then you are back trying to get it filled. If you have hidden your tank it makes it that much more frustrating to yank it out to get it filled.

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