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72 Bluz

I'm waiting on my manuals but want to go ahead and start doing some regular maintenance type stuff, so thanks for anyone's help.

How many grease fittings are there to lube? I found 3 per wheel last night under the front end while chaning the oil, will get under the rear end tonight.

I'm also having trouble with the wiper door opening. Found 2 plugged vaccum hoses that went to the actuator that have been reconnected. There was a small 3 connector piece on the left side of the firewall where 1 of the hoses had been cut and left open. It is the top hose of the triangular pattern, can't find where it goes. I'm guessing there is a leak somewhere because the headlights only function when the car is running.

Is there any other routine maintenance type stuff I could be doing while I wait on the manuals?

I feel like a kid again having another Vette! Thanks for everyone's help.

72 Bluz
72bluz, You could have up to 10 grease fittings on the front end, depending on the equipment on the car. You should have 4 tie rod ends, 2 upper ball joints, 2 lower ball joints, and posibily 2 on the idler arm. You may also have one on the power steering control valve. If you have one on the power steering control valve, do not grease it. All the remanufactured power steering control valves are now coming with plugs. What happens is people tend to "over" grease cars and it blows the seals out causing the valve to leak. As far as the windshield wiper door, there is a hose coming off of the valve that you were talking about, that is a vent and it goes no where. The wiper door can be a PITA. There are valves behind the tach, under the wiper door and under right front fender. As far as any other maintenace, you might want to check your rear end grease, if it looks like chocolate milk, it needs to be replaced with limited slip additive and fresh grease Good luck...Dteve

Those manuals will help you plenty. Especially if they have detailed diagrams of the vacuum harness. A friend of mine was able to repair his vacuum head light system on a 77 using the diagram. He has little mechanical expertise or training. His headlights now work perfect. I was very impressed.

Good luck.

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