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Help! no fuel milage/range info in the DIC

96 coupe

Jan 17, 2013
2015 Z51 coupe
I recently bought a 1990 Corvette ZR1 and drove it from CA to MO with no issues. During that trip the fuel mileage information and range worked fine in the DIC. I recently had to replace the brake light switch, and had the battery disconnected several times in the process. When I finished that project, the brake lights all work (including the High Mounted one) but the DIC function for only the fuel mileage: instant and average, and range shows either 0 or nothing at all. The car only has about 33K on it. VIN 800254

Any ideas?
Congrats on getting your ZR-1.

If you detach the battery cables long enough, fuel consumption data will be erased out of the ECM.

So yesterday, I took it for a little exercise, and did about 100 spirited miles......still did not generate any instant, average mpg or range.... You are right, I did have the battery disconnected for several hours, and had to reset the clock. Could I have somehow queried codes?

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