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No start condition



Ok folks, tell me your ideas about why I have no juice to the starter. I've got my 72 with 350/TH-400 all back together after an engine and tranny rebuild. While the power train was out I went ahead and put a new engine harness in. Now, all bolted and wired up, I've got zero juice to the starter. I turn the key to on, everything is ready to go. I turn the key to start and it does nothing. I mean nothing. What's really puzzling me is the attempt to start it kills all circuits. The display on the radio goes out and when I release the key from the start position, the radio memory is wiped out just as if I had disconnected the battery. I'm looking for suggestions about where to start my search for the source of the problem.
Will post tonight

My book is at home..and I'm at work

But I would start @ the Key switch and work you way back the logical sequence is the following.

Start line

Key Sw get's hot from Batt
I believe large purple comes off key switch.
goes to automatic Park/Neutral switch
goes to firewall
goes to starter

I assume you just pulled the engine/tranny out & rebuilt it.

You replaced the foward wiring harness ( from firewall )

Everything under the dash is the same.. and you were having no problem.

Where did you get the harness?

Almost correct

Ign 3 ( orange 12 gauge wire)To switch/From Batt
Sol ( other side of the Ign switch)
Park Neutral switch
Park Neutral switch

to firewall connetor ( left side top/wire side)

Need rest of book to continue...

the purple wire on the other side of the firewall connector should home run to the solonoid.


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