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John 2003 Vette

Active member
Nov 11, 2009
Venice, FL., USA
2016 Arctic White Stingray Coupe
I have a 2016 base LT2 Stingray Coupe and when I start the car up in Sport Mode I hear this large vibration sound through out the interior. It seems to tone itself down as the engine & car warm up. I live in Florida so the morning temps are not cold. This noise has been happening for ever. Goes away when I put it into Touring Mode.
Problem taken care of as the Radio Speaker in the drivers door came apart and created the terrible noise. Had the same problem with the same speaker on passenger side many miles ago.
Well, I was going to say, seems to me, if you have the adjustable exhaust, in sport mode, the exhaust is opened and that could be causing a vibration, and that could be the problem...still might have been.

Thanks for letting us know.

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