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Noisy fans and higher idle when hot outside


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Jun 27, 2021
2021 C8 2LT Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic
First Corvette new things for me.
A couple of concerns, First with outside temps 110*-115* both fans in front are pretty noisy and run constantly, from what I've read is normal. Are they suppose to shut off and on or stay on until it cools down to a particular temp.
The engine coolant temps are running around 180*-190* while driving.
Second; The rpm's are running around 8.50 when idling, is this normal ?
The passengers side intake the fan continued to run for a few minutes after engine shut down, which I've read is normal.
When I started it the next day 90* outside cars in a garage the rpms was back to normal no fans running.
This is my first new vehicle since 2007, a lot of new bells, whistles, and functions to learn about.
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