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North American vs European



1. Do all C4's in the U.S. that have the digital dash have the ability to show Kms as well as Miles ? Our '91 does but I'm wondering if this was part of the Canadian specification requirements or if all cars have it. We just press the ENG/MET button on the Trip Monitor panel.
2. When was the digital dash introduced?
I think they all had both readings, Tanz. I can hit the same switch and go from "English" to "Metric".

The digital dash started in '84.

Eye Candy is set up the same way. When I first bought her, I thought the "Eng, Met" was Engine Metering, or something like that.:D

My Girlfriend has a habbit of glancing over at the speedo to make sure I'm not speeding too much. As a little prank, I hit the ENG/MET button and was suddenly crusing at 150+Mph. The look on her face was priceless when she looked over and saw that!:cool

The C5's have the same feature with their analog dash. Just push the button and the needle switches to the approperate place in the Kph scale.


The answer to your question is yes. The only differences between European/Canadian dashboards vs. American dashboards is that the analog gauges are metric and not standard measurement. My ZR-1 is Canadian and has this type of dash cluster.

Thanks to all ... I've been toying with the idea of importing a car or two to Canada to see if I could get a bit of spending money :D for us and the Vette. The fun and challenge would be interesting, exciting and maybe even lucrative! Haven't done it yet but there are Canadian requirements which have to be met when doing so and one of them is the indication of kms .. the Vette does it oh so easily!! I wonder if Caddy's and Lincolns do too??

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