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Oil change, backfire, and other issues



Need to change my oil tomorrow and would like to place it on a hydrolic lift to both inspect the underside and of course change the oil. What spots are best to lift? Also, I noticed the the car tends to backfire a bit. Could this be caused by vacuum leaks or is it something worse.

The factory picks them up at four spots the frame in the front just behind the front wheels. And just ahead of the rear wheels there is a pocket formed by part of the frame just behind the rear compartments make sure you get the lift centered and don't lift by the floor panels as they will bend!
Ahhh - I had the backfire problem and was told that was next to impossible. Not so - blew a hugh hole in the top of my muffler to boot. But mine is a 92 and don't know if your's would be effected by the same bad distributor wire that caused all my problems. And yes, re-wiring can be a little pricey. Good luck!

ps: my heritage hails from Lake Como and yes, I have been there.


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