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Oil dipstick dilemma


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Jun 19, 2016
Morgan, Utah
1990 Bright red coupe
Hey everyone, I have recently updated my oil pan so I can go road racing. Problem I'm having is that even though it says right hand dipstick it is a left hand dipstick pan. If anything, its easier to work the dipstick tube through the headers for installation on the left side, but the factory dipstick won't mount anywhere. I've looked for a left hand dipstick, but can only find them for 78 and earlier sbc that have the dipstick going through the block rather than mounting through the oilpan. Any ideas..?
Use your dip stick tube as is and make a dip stick.

Park the car on level ground, fill the pan with the correct amount of oil. Find any dip stick that fits, put it in the tube, pull it out. Note the oil level then put a mark on the stick with a triangle shaped file. Drain a qt. out of the engine, put the stick in again, note the oil level and put another mark there.

Viola a dip stick with a full mark and a quart low mark.

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