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Oil filters

Car and Driver makes an oil filter, never before heard of it myself.

Is this a spin off from the magazine, or is it a completely different company?
The K&N oil filters filter down to 10 microns.

Better than just about all the rest.
Good question and I don't know the correct answer.

Same as a filter for a well; too fine filtration will clog and reduce flow. By using charcoal filters with a well, I learned that the hard way.
Personally, I change oil more often than the recommended intervals and use one of the "highly" recommended filters. Bluntly, I have a sizable $$ investment in the engine and changing oil is a cheap date.
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That filter study has some interesting but very general points to make.

Keep in mind that the study is a bit dated and only deals with a filter used on old style Ford small-block V8s.

The best filters on the market for Corvettes these days are:

Mobil 1
AC Delco Ultraguard

My oil drain interval recommendation:
If you are using the factory recommended oil, change oil when the oil life moniter comes on BUT change your oil filter every 50% of oil life.

My personal oil drain interval choice when using a premium synthetic such as Gibbs Driven or Red Line is change the oil every 150% of oil life with a filter every 50% or every two years which ever comes first.
According to those various oil filter studies, K&N is made by Champion

Also, I've recently discovered that Champion makes the Super-tech filters that Wal Mart sells, and they're supposed to be good quality for the low price. Isn't Champion an American company? If so, hard to believe wally world would sell it, but that's another debate altogether...can I get in trouble for hi-jacking my own thread?...

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It's my opinion, you can decide if it's worth it or not, no they are not a good choice. They are just too dang expensive. K&N doesn't manufacture them, they use Champion Labs who also manufactures filters for other brands and you can get a better filter with the same or higher surface area of filtration for a lot less money. Their literature touts attributes like construction, materials, and that nut you can use to wrench one off easie peesie, but not much on performance like what standard they meet for dirt catching and holding; though they do say 99%. 99% of what is not stated. All automotive filters that meet OEM's spec or warranty will meet a required SAE standard.

As noted Wix, which also is what Napa and Carquest uses for their house brand; Purolator either the standard "L" prefix filters or their "PL" prefix filters for less than 1/2 the cost of a K&N. Purolator has been around for many years and can be had at most stores that have decent hardware/automotive sections.
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