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oil pressure


kelly ott

Is it normal for the oil pressure needle to be pegged to the right at start-up? It DID settle back a bit after 10 minutes or so, but I thought I'd check to make sure.... just don't drive it often enough to know yet. Thanks-
Oil Pressure

Hi Kelly,
If the engine was rebuilt with a high pressure oil pump it could peg the guage when cold. What are we talking about for pressure and where does it run when warm? Since it is a mechanical guage there is no sender to suspect. Tell us a little about your car.

no recent rebuild on this '65 327..... needle goes to about 2 o'clock at start-up. Settles back to just inside the right marking (60 psi?) after a few minutes. I'm just hopeful that there's no pressure from water getting through or the like... no water indicated in the oil. The car is running fine- not hot or anything. I'm just nosing around for details.
I think it is fine

My 74 does the exact same thing and runs great

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