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One to Four lock out


C5 Nik

Is it as quick and easy to disconnect the 1 to 4 lockout on the C5 as it was on the C4? If so, is it done inside the car under the shifter console, under the car under the shifter lever, or at the transmission?

Finally, will it void any remaining warranty on the car?

Thanks for you help. I hate it when my car dictates to me how to drive it..............if that is what I wanted I would have asked for an automatic :hb
Hi there,
You can disconnect the connector, on the drivers side of the transmission, however, be aware, you will set a P0803 in your powertrain control module.
There are a few vendors out there that sell bypass kits, with a resistor to duplicate the motor load on the driver for the CAGS, which is computer aided gear selection. These kits will NOT set a code, and you will be fine.
If you like, simply lean on the gas a little, and you will find that the CAGS will not apply as much, as it will only apply under light throttle, under 25%.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb
Ditto, get a GACS eliminator, you can find them around 25- 40 bucks , depending brand and store. Easy to install, shoud take less than 5 mins.
CAGS elimination....

First off, I would like to say, " Congratulations ! " on your autocross victory ! O.K., now to answer your question, I saw a post on corvetteforum.com that told you what ohm resistor to purchase at radio shack & how to install it on a C-5 to bypass the CAGs and not cause any malfuntioning of the ECM. Hope this helps, :cool

just as easy but dont forget the trans is in the rear :)

We just installed a CAGS eliminator in my 2000 . The hardest part is raiseing the car up . It's a pleasure to drive my Vette without this intrusive ill concieved idea working against me . What a deal . You get better mileage with it , but it sucks so bad that you give the car extra throttle to avoid it . There goes your saveings ! By the way , I got mine through Corvette Central (not my favorite place ) and now the cags light doesn't come on . Thats fine , but I thought it still would .
Cancel that ! My CAGS light does still come on . Sorry
Not to mention, the CAGS almost got me rear ended several times coming out of lights or stop signs as the car slows down because it is in fourth or your funbling with the shift.
1 to 4 Value-added?

So help me out, just purchased a 2000 coupe and do not understand the value of the 1 to 4 function. Read the suggestion to go with more RPM's in 1st to by-pass but what was GM thinking when they expect you to shift from 1st to 4th at 20 MPH?
Congratulations on getting yor new coupe . I hope you like it as much as I like mine . As for the CAGS (Constantly Annoying Gear Selector ) , some say its for gas milage others say its for emissions . I say it adds to the cost of the car without adding value . (Waste)
Ok Guys ....Some of you have tried the lock out eliminator and it works but gives a light.....Is there a product that works w/o tripping the light???

I loved DkBG's words for the CAGS :)

The CAGS has been on all 6Spd Vettes since the 6 spd was introduced in 1989. If it wasn't there, we would be paying that dreaded Gas Guzzler Tax that most High Level Sports cars owners get saddled with at sale time. It had to be installed for the Feds to recognize that every Corvette is capable of getting the same advertised fuel mileage that keeps them out of the Gas Guzzler Bracket.
I for one don't mind it cause the engine is quite capable of overcoming the 1st to 4th shift if I happen to end up in that range. That's the beauty of a torquey V-8.
I find that it's a rare event for me to even be bothered by the CAGS, but then that might just be my individual driving habits, we aren't all the same.
02 ZO6

PS: I think it takes a 2.5 OHM resister to "fool" the CAGS and eliminate the skip shift sequence. I think the light will still illuminate. You can purchase the resister at Radio Shack, I think I read an article on this just a week ago.
C5's may be different, but I suspect not. On C4's, the computer output (sinking) goes to a relay. An open or short in the wiring to the relay would be sensed and set a code. The solenoid at the transmission is operated from a 12 volt source (fuse marked "backup" it think), through a normally open contact on the relay, through the solenoid to ground. This line is not sensed by the computer. This is why you have to uplug the solenoid. if you removed the relay, you would get a code. The only way to disable the light is to remove the bulb.
The factory service manuals have very good schematic diagrams and trouble shooting information.
I hope this helps.


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