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Hi Folks,

I am new this board and a new Vette owner 1986.

Im looking for a tech guide online if any exist.

Answers to questions like the following. What temperature does the coolling fan turn on at etc..

Then tips on how to troubleshoot the problem.


Welcome to the forum. I'm not aware of any on line tech manuals but maybe someone else here has the answer.


I'm still looking for them to release the assembly manual. :rolleyes:

When I got my Corvette, the first thing I did was purchase a GM Service Manual with Supplement, and the Haynes manual (just in case GM didn't explain it fully).
In addition to those, I subscribe to all the favorite publications and learn something new every day. ;)

Good luck with your Vette.
Welcome bccicone!


Welcome to the CAC Forum.

I'm not aware of any on-line manuals for the C4's but if you need a service manual or owner's manual you can usually find them on ebay.com. Haynes also has a Auto Repair Manual for the 1984 - 1986 Corvette, part# 24041. Automotive parts stores have the Haynes Manuals.

The book says 85 - 87 Cooling fan comes on at 239, my 86 comes on at 242. Chevy makes it that high for emmissions control. High temps like that doesn't do the engine any good and I just ordered a 195 sending unit from Summit Racing (Jet #60600).

I'll let you know if that does the trick.

Enjoy CAC.

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