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open loop



hey all, well here's my story. my 86 is running in an constant open loop. i have replaced most of the sensors, the car has
the lingenfelter headers, i replaced the o2 sensor with the 3 wire
heated one, yet the car still singnal a code 44 and is running rich.
any suggestions? or thought would be appreciated.
Open loop

How do you know it is staying in Open loop mode? Do you have Diacom software?
When you first start the engine the ECM provides a static mixture until the O2 sensor gets warm enough to be reliable. Once a given temp is achieved the O2 sensor takes over the mixture adjustment. Which means either the O2 sensor is wildly incorrect or the temp sensor is incorrect. Since you changed the O2 sensor I would suspect it. (It is always the last thing you did! :) ) But Diacom would nail it down for you.

Hope this helps.................

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