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Opinions on Heads Up Display


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Sep 16, 2000
New Hampshire
1990 Corvette ZR-1
For those of you that have the heads up display in your C5, what do you think of it?

I like it.

Had to put mine away for the winter and pull out my winter car. My winter car doesn't have a HUD. Took me a while to get used to looking down at the dash board again.

My only dislike, about my car, is the headlights automatically going on. The Hud is fine. Anyway I can always turn it off. but since it is below and to the right of my center of vision, it doesn't block anything.
I have it and it is fine. it doesn't bother me when I am driving because it is out of my line of sight. I actually didn't want it at first, but since I got a good deal on my car and it had it I said o well. Plus if I didn't want it I could always turn it off. Happy Holidays to all.
I have it, Rob, but don't like it or use it. I think it's too distracting.
I think I am in the minority though. :)

I can't believe I almost ordered the car without it. IMO it's one of the most overlooked features of the car. To me its not at all distracting. With my T&T wheel in my position I cannot see the direction signal indicators and with the top down cannot hear them either. More than once after taking a slight turn the HUD reminded me that the signal was still operating. With the way it seems to float in front of the car you can always tell the trooper that stops you that you were going so fast because you were trying to catch your display. I really thing its a useful option and I was a pleasantly surprised the first time I used it. Michael
singledad. go into the DIC and cofigure the twilight sentinel not to come on. I kinda like that feature but then I'm lazy enough not to twist the light switch. Gotta love the HUD. When I drive my wife's Taurus I keep looking for it. She likes it, too.
IMHO, I think it is one of the coolest options on my C5. It really helps me keep track of the vitals without having to take my eyes off the road... When exercising through the gears it allows me to know my redline reading & oil pressure effortlessly... Glad I ordered it as an option!


I really enjoy the HUD it is nice to look directly ahead instead of up and down loking at the guages.

I have only driven my car 3 times so far; but I really like that feature.

Nikki --posting under Chris' name
I ordered an Automatic so I figured I didn't need the hud.

But just last week a friend of mine let me drive his 2001 C5 M6 with the hud...

I'd order it in a second next time around..with the six speed of course..

In my opinion..with an automatic its nice ..

With a stick..its excellent..

I didn't get to play with the hud settings as it wasn't my car but I would hope you could set it up so the tach was more pronounced...

Very cool for racing!

I say..get it if you can.
JBsC5 You can program the HUD so the tach is the only instrument displayed. Quite Cool. You can also set the HUD to indicate shift points. It will signal you at about 5,700 rpm to shift. Its called a performance shift light. Michael
The HUD is one of the things I became sold on most quickly about the car. After just a few miles I found it very helpful. After 4 days driving the car home, I automatically look for it in the other cars I drive and am disappointed when not available. If it were to go out it would be top priority to get it up again ASAP.
I , not only think its great , but that its also an important safety innovation . Looking where your going is such a cool thing to do .
I Love it!!

It has completely wrecked driving my other cars at night!
I like it but wished that the shift light was bigger and in red.. would be nice that if you run hud with just the tach up it would flash 88 for the shift light where the speed would be. It is a computer so there might be away to do that.

I really like it. I know it has saved me a ticket or two. It reminds you if your tires are low and which one. Low fuel,you name it , your car talks to you. If you push the low fuel it starts flashing like it's ticked-off. I find myself saying O.K.,O.K. !! Les
I see in Lingenfelter's catalog that there is now an aftermarket HUD-type information display available for owners of any vehicle that has a speed sensor or ECM and a 4, 6 or 8 cyclinder engine.
Virtual Super Display Speedometer and Tach

"The DEFI VSD speddometer and tach can be used with any vehicle that has a speed sensor or ECM and a 4, 6 or 8 cyclinder engine. Flourescent digital display combined with an analog LED display features unique four mode display. Analog LED shift point indicator adjusts to user preference. Capable of storing maximum speed and has a brightness control to adjust for night or day driving. Range of 0-240 MPH and 0-9900 RPM."

DEFI VSD Speedometer and Tach -- $194.95
I had posted that I liked mine earlier, allow me to expound...

It really is great during highway and all around driving, set the cruise and turn it off, if you wish. Where it really shines (for me) is in residential areas (day or night). Its tough coming from 70 plus on the freeway to a 35mph residential. It (HUD) stays within view and keeps the Deputy's away and chillins on bikes safe. Driving my same route home in my previous C4, I really had to pay attention to keep it under 50! My wife also happens to be one of those Deputies (I DO , in fact, sleep with the enemy:dance ...). The HUD has saved both my a** and some embarrassment with her compatriots on many an occasion.


I think the HUD is one of the best options on my 2002 it's much easier to focus on the road and the tach using the HUD. As I am getting older I don't seem to be as quick as 30 years ago, so the HUD gives me the ability to keep focused on the road as those RPM'S start to climb,as we C5 vette owners know happens very quickly.
I like the HUD, didn't like the idea of one in a car until I drove my 02 Z home. We used HUD systems in our aircraft as a part of our night vision goggle system, displayed lots of info on a single lens attached to the eye piece for the left eye. Thanks to your tax dollars, this helped make the Army SOA the most potent night fighting force in the world, bar none.
NSDQ! For those who understsand
PS: If you see the movie BlackHawk Down, you may then know.

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