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Opti-spark Dead... R.I.P.


Active member
Aug 17, 2001
Ocala, Florida
1996 Black Convertible
Well, I have been a vette owner for 1 week and 4 days. Today I took it to the shop because it get cutting out and became very hard to start.


The water pump was replace prior to me getting the car and I guess that lead to it's sudden death.

Oh well.... What the heck. The car runs great, looks sharp and I'm still happy.
:upthumbs Good for you Jim!

As you say, it had to go sometime, now you can simply enjoy the drive. :D

i prefer the term "opti-crap" i had a 94 Z28 and replaced the opti crap twice in 5 years. whose bright idea was it to put the distributor below the water pump???? now that i'm done ranting, it looks great and runs good. thats all that matters.

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