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Does anyone know of any internet sites where you can enter your vin # and get options lists, Colour, etc. I know you can purchase build sheets etc @ Corvette museum but i was looking for something FREE :rolleyes
Check here first...

Check out Performance & Specifications at the top of the page. Rob has put together a whole bunch of information there. If this doesn't help, let me know and when I get home tonight I'll post a couple of websites you can investigate too.
Other than deciphering your VIN number to find out what the individual numbers mean, no, there is nothing out there as specific as what you're looking for. There's no way to enter your VIN number and have your interior/exterior color, options listing, etc. returned to you. That's what a build sheet is for....and that's why if your car has lost its build sheet along the way, you have to purchase a copy of one from the National Corvette Museum.

Second of all....nothing comes for free and although you have to pay for a copy of your build sheet from the NCM, look at it this way....you're getting something you didn't have before....just like walking into the grocery store to purchase groceries....because of course, groceries don't come for free, and you are helping to support the National Corvette Museum which is an awesome place to visit and join if you have not already.

Essentially, you're getting 2 benefits for the price of 1. I'd say, that's better than free.
Thanks for the info, Was going to order one anyway, but thought i might get a head start someplace!! Does the build sheet tell you where the car was sold???. How lon gdo dealers keep invoices etc... if @ all:D
I believe that the purchasing dealer will be listed on the build sheet, but don't quote me on that. Your best bet is to contact the NCM and ask them. They could tell you or maybe somewhere here will be able to answer for sure.
Trim Tag

There should be a little rectangular metal tag inside your drivers door, just below the windsheld on the door frame. From that tag you can get the Color Codes for the paint and interior.

As Rob stated the VIN won't help you much on an '82. They were all built in Bowling Green, about the only thing the VIN can tell you is the mfr. date. The Build Sheet is the way to go ;)
Good Luck,, The Rendezvous is coming up for Bowling Green June 28th ~ July 1st. and the Feature Corvette is the '82.. and a birthday party for the 20 years of Corvette Bowling Green Plant as well as the 1981 L81 :D

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