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outside mirror



On my 84 , the outside mirror on the drivers side is cracked. Is there any way to replace just the mirror or do I need to replace the whole thing. It is the power mirror with the defroster.
Also, heres a dumb question. Are the nuts and bolts on my 84 corvette metric or US? I plan to do some work on it soon. Am I going to have to buy metric tools?
I'll have to look into the mirror thing, but as for the fasteners, good luck - it's a mixture of both metric and standard, and if anyone else has worked on the car, it's probable that some of them have been exchanged for each other.

_ken :w
Use the heat gun

It softens the old mirror adhesive...


Thanks guys, I will give it a try when I get a chance. I just hope the piece that it glues to is not broken also. Its not a big deal, its just one of those little things that bugs me when ever I look at it.
side mirror glass

you can buy the glass from gm. all you need to do is pull on the plastic the glass is glued to and it will pop off of the two pins. then you have two wires to pull off. when tou install line up the pins and push firm but carefull and it will pop right on. the pins look like a cross , thats what the glass pivots on. PS the mirror is the same as a camaro so a heated glass from a camaro will also work.

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