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Over sized C5 Wheels


Jack R Lawson

I searched the forum files but couldn't find the answers to these questions. What are the problems with increasing the C5 wheel size from 17" X 18" to 18" X 19"? Or possibly !9" X 20" ?

It seems logical to me if you increase the wheel size then you must buy a lower profile tire. What does lower profile tires do to handling and ride?

How does changing wheel size affect speedometer readings or does it?

With the same rear end and bigger wheels what is the affect off the line if any?

What is the max rim width?

I would really like to put 19" X 20" wheels
on my C5 but I will have to have someone that has done this tell me they are really satisfied with ride, handling, and anything else that is impacted by doing this. If someone knows the answers to my questions and concerns I would appreciate hearing what you think. Thanks


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Nov 28, 2001
Northern NJ
I recommend CCW rims and tire setups..

The guys a pro and priced very well.

His wheels are light and the tire sizing is correct.

He can have the tires mounted on the rims too..

I prefer his new 18's all around for the best performance but if your going after bigger brake kits then double check as many have gone to 19's.

CCW 19's are for looks not performance when compared to CCW's 18's all around.

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