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Owners Kit



Anyone know how I might get a reproduction of the owners kit for my car?

Sence my car never made it to the dealer, I wonder if GM still has it?

Ron Hanselman
Hi, Ron,
I have an original owner's kit for 91 that came with my 91. Only item missing is brass key-ring. Also, window sticker was for my car and you will have to have one re-made for your vin and options. Brass plaque on the leather brief case should be replaced with new one reflrcting your name and vin. Make offer.

Byong yun
There is one on e-bay for sale. Im not sure what the price is. I just bought a spare for my car. 227 is what I paid. Also, what do you by your car never made it to the dealer? I would assume thay all the Z's went through the dealer at some point.
My car was stollen off the transport before the dealer got it.

The entire drive line was removed. The body was recovered and sold at auction were the thieves bought it. They put it back together and then sold it with 43 miles on it to it's first owner.

The owner took it in for service and the numbers came back as a stolen drive line even though it was the original. The cops came and took it away from him. Long story short, he didn't get the car back for 6 years.

After he got it back with 1200 miles on it, he had it painted and replaced the starter, MC, and Clutch SC. He also had to put new tires on it, old ones had flat spots.

I bought it from him on the 6th of May and the car only had 3,252 miles on it. I had my brother-in-law pick it up for me because I am in S Korea. I will finaly see it next week when I am home for a short vacation.

now thats a story. I hope your happy with the car, that will be some story to tell at car shows. a 91 with 3,000+ miles. man. As i said im paying $227 for a complete owners kit for my 90.
The insurance company sold the body at auction so it never really had a first owner. The thieves probably never new about the kit or just didn't think they would need it.

Should be in the mail.

I had someone else offer me one for two hundred fifty with out the key chain, I think I will buy it too? Might be a good investment?

it will be a good investment. I wonder what they are gona go for in a few years

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