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paint code


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Feb 6, 2002
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what is the paint code on the color around the tail lights on a 82 collectors edition?
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I found this *information* from the Specifications Page at the top of the page.. Just click on the tab and type in the year Corvette you want to see spec's on and just like magic..

Great place, great folks and great cars... don't get much better. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.

*Exterior Code 59 and Interior Code 592 were unique to the Collector Edition model.*
Welcome ggaagg57!

I'm a little baffled myself about your question. I never realized it but in both rear shot pictures of 82 CE's, the inset around the lights does appear to be darker than the tail itself. Perhaps it's the lighting and shadows but it certainly looks to be similar to the color of the darkest portion of the faded decals. I couldn't find any mention of a second paint code so I would have to guess that if the insets are indeed a different color, it must have been done with a decal, just like the rest of the car. Hopefully some other CE owners will chime in on this. I know you've gotten my curiosity up.

if they are decals they didn't come in the decal kit. I looked at one car, they appeared to be painted. how ever they appear to be the same blackish brown that the pin stripes are . if i have to, i can mix up something close. but a paint code would be better. ggaagg57.
Hmm, this one is perplexing. I was under the impresion that all of the stuff on those cars that isn't silver-beige was a decal. I guess I'll have to dig a little more but I think you may have to go the paint matching route.

Good luck and if you find a code somewhere, be sure to let us know.

- Eric :w
i did't find out abouts lights , but i did find a pin-strip that matchs pretty good on the collector edition. 3m 72551 dark tundra. 150 ft for about 20.00 . it match s aftermarket strip kit good anyways.

they were painted but no code i'll have to mix up something.

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