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Passenger side of dash.


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Dec 19, 2000
1985 z51 coupe, 1969 green convertible
I removed a wood trim kit on my 85 vette. Looks like whoever installed the kit removed what looks like an air bag on the passenger side of the dash. Not a problem called comtemporay corvette received a good but used part. Now here is the problem I see four(4) places where this thing bolts into. But I don't have a clue as to how I am going to install it. Has anyone installed one of these things before. Looks like you can't get at the bolts without taking the entire dash out.
Most people remove them...so not too much info on actually installing one! But when we removed ours (84) to put in a glovebox we had to do a little cutting too...most likely U wil have to remove the dash cap........but thats easy.........but it is fragile so be careful.....go to this page

I've had the same deal when I got mine, and I took the wood grain :)L) off and replaced it with the factory "bread box". (GM used that because they thought the governnment was going to require air bags at the time.) I never could get all four nuts onto the pad's bolts. Since then, I've had my entire interior apart for rejuvenation (I'm actually getting quite good at it! :D) and there is no way that I can see to re-attach all four nuts.

The thing was installed at the factory with the entire dash carrier assembled seperately from the rest of the car, then dropped in place. That would be the only way to reach all four of the nuts, that I can see at least. Hell, with the pad in place and three of the four nuts on, you can't even see the fourth to get a wrench on it (or your fingers for that matter!). This is with the dash cap off, the hush panel underneath off, the information center was out of the dash, even the duct work for the ventilation system was out, and I still couldn't get to the last nut!

It's no big deal, it will stay in place, but you might have a little rattle/thumping sound coming from that side of the dash occasionally - I DO! :L
I think I could remove the dash pad, but one question how do you remove the lower part of passenger side of the dash. The part that has the carpet on it. The one that is on the drivers side has two bolts that hold it in. I see bolts on the pass. side but it looks like you can't get at them from the front.

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