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Question: PCV Vent Pipe Connector Elbows

Jeffrey Hill

New member
Apr 23, 2020
Lake Grove NY
Hello all hope everyone and there families are safe and healthy ! ,
this is my 1st post i have recently purchased a 1985 Coupe that im using as my Quarantine project , i have been a mechanic my whole life actually as a job for a while lol as i am sure a lot of you where , there is nothing like being able to take things apart clean and fix and put it all back together and especially with no time frame ! ok enough babbling , i have done the top half of the motor and purchased a set of the original new valve covers , i have been unable to find the PCV Vent Pipe Connector Elbows , the ones on the passengers side valve cover , one is a gromet that attaches to the valve cover at a right angle and the other is just an elbow that attaches to the steel breather tube , there are a few on e bay but are just ones pulled from old valve covers at 30 to 40 $ , have checked a lot of the covette sites , Dorman , with no luck :ugh:ugh:ugh:ugh:ugh any help or direction would be greatly appreciated ! and again thank you all for your time and God Bless

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