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performance chip



does anyone know where i can buy a performance chip for my "80 vette. i can find them for other years..also if anyone has bought one and installed it in their vette, let me know what you thought about the chip........

Do yourself a favor and save your money, the aftermarket "chips" do not work. and usually cause more grief than good.

The reason you can't find a chip for your 80 is they don't have them.80 was the last pre computer year Vette.

Like vettasy said, your 80 doesn't have a computer. You should have a vacuum advance type HEI distributor. If you want to wake up some extra horses consider upgrading from factory ignition if it has not been done already. A performance coil such as an MSD, or Accel Super Coil, along with 8.5 mm spiral wound plug wires, a new high voltage capable dist cap and rotor, AC Rapid fire plugs or Bosch platnium will be well worth the investment.
Hot Rod ignition

Well ... when I first read this ... I didn't think an '80 had an ECU ... but I wasn't sure. And Dale's right on all counts. So ... I MAY be posting some great used, new & NOS aftermarket ignition stuff for Chevy V8 at this Friday Night CAC Swap Meet: POSSIBLY MSD 6 box-soft touch & Accel distributor(s) (maybe one w/ tach drive) & Accel spiral wires ... maybe more ... maybe not at all.
ignition stuff


e-mail me on a personnal and let me know what you have and what you might want for it...
Almost Right..

Guess what???

The 1980 Corvette DID HAVE A COMPUTER... Yep the 305's came with computer and NO test port. And yes it does control part of the Carb... :D

Maybe Chick can elaborate more, but the 1980 ~ 305 Cailfornia Corvette has a COMPUTER...


I have a 350hp engine so, I presume mine maybe doesn't have a chip..who out there knows for sure?
To the best of my knowledge the 1980 LG4 had the computer the L48 and L82 did not...

I'm assuming when you said your's was 350hp you ment 350ci. If so you don't have a chip. You will be able to tell for sure by the vin number. If it is a 350ci And the engine block is blue its the 190hp L-48 if the block is orange then its the 230hp L-82. That is if its the original engine.It's interesting that the 305 has a chip before this I didn't know that. Also I know the block colors hold true for 80 I'm not sure how this works for other years as my 72 SS Camaro has a L48 and the block on it is orange.

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