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? Pickup ALT brkts on vette?


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Dec 27, 2000
Florence, SC (Timmonsville SC)
71 War Bonnet Yellow VERT 71 BH Blue CPE (SOLD)
I'm considering changing the flimsy stamped lower alternator bracket on my 71 sb cpe w/ ps & ac. Presently the bottom is stamped and pivot bolt goes through it, through alt and into ex manifold. I'm thinking of using cast bracket from 68-72 sb PU Trk as shown below...Has anyone tried this???...if so, does it bolt up or interfere? I don't have the brackets yet and motor's out of car. Thanks,
I would take some measurements first.

I helped a friend change a head mount bracket (like what you are going to install) to a manifold one-piece bracket, because he had a broken screw in the head and a cracked bracket and could not find a replacement.

He had two manifolds from different years, and only one would line up correctly with the pulley.

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