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(Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

Nice looking 90.
OK, I'll bite. Taken at Garden of the Gods during CF 2007

Thank you, I used to do photography (semi professionally, I put myself through College doing all sorts of photographic stuff) and pride myself with a good shot occasionally. Here's another from the same day.

Great Shot! Beautiful car!
I really, kind of, miss the ole 94. It was a great and good looking car. 120k on the clock, when these pictures were taken.
In my opinion your Dad chose one of the best looking Corvettes ever. The classic sleek styling of the early C4 convertibles is timeless. Fix it up and enjoy it!
New front for the C4 (both versions).


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Welcome ! & I Enjoyed your video.
Welcome aboard! :w Nice video. Maybe some info on your car!
Thank you. My C4 is a 1987 Model. I bought it in 2007 near ZUG in Switzerland. But I am living in Italy.
Nice C4!. Welcome to CAC.
My 1990 LPE car.
getting ready to paint


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Here is my 1994 Coupe - 6-speed. Over 100,000 miles, still runs great, passes smog easily Location of the picture Virginia City Nevada


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    1994 coupe at Virgina City Nevada.jpg
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Just purchased my third C4. This time a 1996 LT1 Coupe.


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