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(Picture Thread) Show your C4 to the world!

My 1996 C4

1996, Grand Sport, 350, Greenwood, 6-Spd.
Just Got it. Lovin' it. 1996Corvete-20180526_124220-1_resized.jpg20180526_124234_resized.jpg20180526_124301_resized.jpg


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92 Coupe

1992 Coupe


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Looks very similar to my 94! :thumb Look at posts #2 and #14 of this thread. :)
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Bone Stock 40th

I even have the original GY Eagles for this..24,000 miles. Sorry for the crummy pic, its the only one I have small enough to upload right now!
I love Ruby's!
My two favorite photos of our C4

NCM Photo (2).jpgRED.jpg
How,from a phone photo?

Jimmy Gibson
How do you normally post on this site, a computer or tapatalk? I've never used tapatalk but you could always email the photo to yourself from your phone and then upload from your computer/tablet or iPad. When you reply/start a thread, look at the icons above the text block. Third one from the right is the "insert image"
I have owned this 91 Corvette 6 speed for over 18 years and purchased it from the original owner. The car is all stock with just 50.000 miles on the clock and runs like the day I bought. The C4 was a very advanced car for it's time and our still great cars to enjoy.

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1994 LT1 Conv

This is mine, I just got it this past week. LT1, automatic, Bose radio, no special options. But the top comes down! Pic taken 7.27.2019 in Great Falls, VA.

Lol how do I upload pics?
Have owned her less than a month, but already has become favorite vehicle! And I own lifted Hummer & 2 Harleys


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Welcome !
1990, Belonged to my Dad. He passed it on when he struggled to get into it and drive it safely. Just starting to work through the niggles that have accumulated over the years but really tidy. Picture in front of the Flatirons near Boulder CO.


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