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Plastic trim


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Mar 27, 2020
Dallas, Texas USA
1999 Corvette Coupe [ Pewter] 270,000 miles on ODO
Hello My name is joe from dallas texas
I have a 1999 pewter C-5 coupe with 271,000 original miles. It is my daily driver. In general it has been very dependable. However, I have replaced almost every plastic part on the interior at least once. In fact. I have replaced the driver side seat control bezel about four times. However, this last time, i tried to really improve on the factory. I purchased a new one and placed a small piece of steel stock from Hobby Lobby into the peg on the side of the bezel and glued it in place with JB weld. Then, I completely covered the back side of the bezel with black Marine Tex boat epoxy putty . I got that idea from one of the guys at Hobby Lobby. So far it seems to be holding up. If this doesn't work , I have no other reasonable solutions. Before doing this, I spoke to a Hot Rod shop owner who said that he could fabricate a bezel out of aluminum for about 600 dollars. I told him that I am a car nut , but I just couldn't do that
I Hope this works and maybe is helpful to someone else with the same problem
joe b
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Sep 24, 2004
Southwest Kansas
2007 Atomic Orange Coupe
Welcome to CAC! :w Thanks for sharing your tip. I hope it works well for you. How many of those 270k miles have you put on? Did you buy it new or used? That's quite a few miles on a C5. :BOW

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