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Plug wire retainers..


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Feb 6, 2002
Dunmore, Pa.
1991 Coupe Blk/Blk
Does anyone have a source for the plastic spark wire retainers that hold two wires, it looks like there are about 6 of them and most of mine are broke. I am changing the wires and would like to fix the retainers at the same time so I don't toast the new wires. Suggestions are welcome or the GM part number for the retainers would be helpful.
Your local Chevy dealer will have them in stock. I have the part number, but it's in the garage two flights down so I don't really feel like running down there now. If you still need the number later, I try to remember to jot it down before I come up. :upthumbs

_ken :w
There are a few different ones

4's & 2's if I remember correctly.

The 2's go on the foward tabs of the rocker arm covers and the 4 go on the rear's
and there's 1 more odd duck 4 by the EGR x over pipe BUY ALL OF EM.. this will save you bucks from melted charred misfiring wires.

There about 2 & change each.

Dont forget to get the HI TEMP plastic covering that goes on the pass side wires that routes around the side of the head.. if you use that aftermarket stuff...you will get a gloppy melted MESS.I have seen a ton O cars with poorly routed wires & super hot ignition setups and the car runs like a COW PIE.


I have six brand new 2 wire retainers #12043158. I decided to route my wires differently so I never used them. If you would like to buy them, send an email to wn@csi.com.
Thanks for the help, I ordered them from GM. I was planning on reusing the plastic coverings, looks like a pain in the butt, but should look nice when all finished.

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