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Power loss


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Dec 28, 2017
Today driving across Tn and Ar and Ok, I noticed some sputtering and hiccupind and backfiring. My car is a 96 LT4.
In 6th gear running around 70 and 1600 rpms, I noticed that when rolling on throttle the ignition was choppy feeling, not smooth. If I put it to the floor, it would really backfire before spooling up.
Within a couple hundred miles I noticed this sensitivity to low rpm range was beginning to happen in all gears. When taking off from a dead stop the car would sputter and die before accelerating,
By the time I got home to tulsa it hardly wanted to move itself from a start. As I turned into the driveway, it gave up the ghost.
I really feel like this is ignition or vacuum related.
Last year around 7000 miles ago, I replaced the opti, all sensors, ignition module etc.
What are your thoughts?

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