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Power steering cap impossible to get to


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Sep 21, 2007
Kingwood (Houston) TX
'75 L48 Auto White, '78 L82 4-spd SA
my new 78 has a power steering leak and I wanted to check the fluid level (which was bone dry)
The problem is that I had to remove the Alternator and loosen the alternator bracket and power steering pump to tilt it far enough from under the alternator bracket to remove the cap to check.

I am assuming this is not a normal procedure as I really don't want to have to go through that process every time I need to check the fluid.

What is the proper way to allow access to the reservoir cap? Should I get a smaller (or larger belt) to tilt it away from the alternator bracket.

This is an all original L-82.
I'm gonna guess something is slightly off. While the PS cap (and adding fluid) is a real pain with these cars, it should not require the alternator to come off. If the correct belt is on the PS pump the cap should be just in front of the alternator and a funnel with a looong tube is needed which makes getting the fluid level right a real pain. Leak could be as simple as the return hose clamp being loose.
On my 79, I loosen the cap and from the drivers side I pull it towards me going under the alt bracket. Kind of a pain but it will come out that way so you can read it.
Boy I am glad that I am not the only one with that problem. I also cannot get my PS pump cap off either...79 L82...I was thinking about changing to a shorter belt also. I will try the method noted here...
I am using a slightly longer belt (stolen from the 75) and it fits perfect and I'm able to get the cap off.
the belt is a Carquest 7360XL and has the following numbers as well, 11A0915 131ET

Anyone know how to read the belt and what size it is so I can get another one? I don't have a carquest around here so I need to know what to get from Advanced or Autozone.
I have a 1980, I think it is pretty well set up the same, I have no issue getting to my Power steering cap. The belt I have was bought at advance auto, it is a Dayco top cog #15360.

Hope that helps.

CarQuest brand are made by Gates and carry the same part number.

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