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power windows problem / ground wire location



Hi All,
I just got a '94 Vette and I love it but I have a problem -and I am sure there is an answer that I just don't know about. The power windows were working fine when I got it (4 days ago), on the drive from Illinois to NC the passenger side out of the blue would not roll down. This morning I took it out for a drive put it in the garage and when I went to get in it this afternoon the driver's window would not roll up (I had left it down). I am not sure what the heck is going on. I don't think both motors went within 3 days of each other, I suspect it may be a ground problem. Had hubby and father out looking at it, can anyone tell me where the ground to the frame is? I am thinking around the battery - am taking that off tomorrow as it had a couple of slightly corroded looking wires. I love the car and hate to run off to a dealership if it is something my husband could maybe fix. Ideas or suggestions are very welcome. I have been looking at the knowledge base but no luck yet. Anyway, I love this site and am loving my 'Vette. People here are friendly and welcoming, thanks to all for that!


May 23, 2007
1996 Polo Green LT4
I am not sure where the ground is...but you may want to take the door panels off and check all the wiring/connections. If someone was fiddling with the windows or door insides they may not have reconnected the switch connectors and they slipped off. The door panels are easy to remove but you have to find a couple of hidden screws. I would also check the fuses as well as the relays. I believe the PWs have relays and if the motors get hot they will shut off. Also, the motors are designed to shut off when they hit resistance, i.e. being full up. There are no cut off switches as you may think. So perhaps they are stuck in the tracks or something is binding with them. There are a couple of plastic window guides that break and will cause lots of issues with the windows as well, however usually they will just not close correctly. Perhaps someone with a service manual can help further. Good luck.

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