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Greetings all, a non mechanical member here, seeking advise. By the way, as a poor retired military man, now teacher. two bad financial decision professions, I now must seek all advise.

88 Corvette, nothing on it that did not come with it. I live in South Texas, temperatues right now are about 85 farenheit.

Thursday of last week, the car ran a temperature of 299f for about 3 minutes while I got some water to it. Changed the thermosat. Added water, all was fine on the way home, about 30 miles, 210 no more thatn 210 showing.

today s Monday, took the car to school, all ok on the way to school, no more than a 220 reading. I thiknk 220 is pretty common. On the way home, the car runs up to 262 on the freeway, the red light come us, get off the freeway, the overfill tank to has popped, allow it to cool, take it to the house, another 15 minutes, got up to 299 and also went down to 258.

Got the baby home, put water on the radiator, there was no water left in. filled it up with just H2O and started right up at 177.

I just replaced the thermostat last week, do I have air bubbloes, is the water pum out, as we say in the military. WTF is going on?

Please advise, and thanks all for your assistance.


U.P. John

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Mar 24, 2004
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If you've been consistently filling your radiator with water you're asking for trouble.

Drain that sucker and fill it with Dextrol or any coolant recommended on this site (do a search for "antifreeze").

The water only cools temporarily. Then guess what happens??? It boils off. You can also do mucho damage by adding cold water to an overheated radiator.


How much water are you adding?

Water is going somewhere, remember that you started off with anti-freeze/coolant before this.

When you refill it, let sit in the driveway and idle and watch for any signs of trouble like leaks, steam, drips and run the heater to see if you can smell glycol inside the car.

I'd also check the oil for any sign of a "whiteish" contamination ... kinda' foamy or cloudy, it may be a head gasket.

Any "steam" or vapor coming out of the exhaust? Feel the inside of the pipe for wetness. Watch for hot pipes however ... McDonalds coffee warning .... don't burn fingers!
May 10, 2002
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Since we are talking about a 1988 Corvette, I moved this to the C4 technical forum.

I think it would be best to determine where the water is going. It is clear that you have a major leak, and it is only a matter of time before the engine is damaged from overheating.

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