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I'm new to the Forum,just wanted to say Hi. I do have one question about a few codes that I can not even find in the corvette black book. Yhey are E5Z,E9Z,MK2,4OL if someone could help I would appreciate it .Thanks Jimmy

E5Z: can't find. E52 makes no sense (rear wraparound doors) and no ESx.
E9Z: Same here.
MK2: 4-speed Doug Nash manual transmission
4OL: Exterior Color, Secondary, White *OR* dark mesa brown metallic.

Verify those first two and I'll check again.


I can`t find these also but maybe his is E52,E92,some others I can`t find are BGR,D8K,MXO,R8T,V73,WDV,XAU,1AY,1SB,19I,199,24S,1P3 any help with these will alos be needed I found all the others.

Thanks in advance

BGR: none listed, but B6R is a hot pink decal package :)

D8K: vehicle speed sensor (10456091)

MX0: (note zero) Transmission, automatic, overdrive (merchandising option [???])

RBT: front wheels 20 x 6.5, 10 hole [???]

V73: no listing

WDV: no listing (nor for W0V)

XAU: tire, front, p275/40 zr17n bl r/pe st tl hw4

1AY: no listing (nor for LAY or LA4 or 1A4)

1SB: no listing, but 18B is a charcoal cloth interior

19I: interior trim, black

199: seat belts color, black

24S: roof color, removeable panel, blue

1P3: no listing, and IP3 is a 30th ann. interior package for 97 only (Camaro?).

Sorry, that's all I can find.

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