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Programming remote fobs


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Dec 3, 2001
Bel Air, MD, USA
1999 Torch Red Roadster/Oak/Oak
I am a new corvette owner and when I purchase my 1999 it only had 1 remote. I purchased another from ebay, making sure that all numbers on the back matched. I even replaced the battery. However, I can not get it to synchronize using the instructions in the manual. I even redid the original remote to make sure I was following the instructions properly. Is ther something that the dealer has to do, or does this mean that the remote is defective?
Hi there,
No, you can program from the DIC.
Please do the following, turn your ignition on, but do not start the car. Then, reset all your DIC messages using the reset button.
Then, using number 4 button, go through all the options, until you get to a blank screen. Once there, please hold the reset button, until PROGRAM KEY FOBS is displayed.
Then push the reset button one more time, you will see HOLD LOCK AND UNLOCK, FOB 1
Follow the instructions, for the 2 fobs, and then after you see 2ND FOB LEARNED, turn off the ignition, and check for function.
Please let us know how you do, c4c5:hb
That is the procedure that I followed, but it would not program. I would assume that means the remore is defective, right? when I followed the procedure on the remote I have that does work, after holding the buttons for 15 seconds the DIC said it was programmed.
Is this something you have to do when you disconnect the battery for an extended period of time? Also, when you stated hold down lock/unlock, do you mean both buttons on the FOB simultaneously?
yes you need to hold both buttons down at the same time in order to program it. As far as the battery question is concerned as long as the batteries in the remotes are fine, I don't think you have to reprogram them again, but I could be wrong. Hopefully someone will come along soon to back me up. Happy holidays.:SANTA :grinsanta :xmas
Thanks for the info "specalists" I am a new owner of a vette a 98 convertible, and only had one key fob. I purchased a new fob from corvette central catalog, tried the owners manual "training" and when I get to the point of the blank screen, I hold the options key down for two seconds and longer and haven't gotten the "fob training" display yet, replaced the battery and am a bit puzzled at the moment at what to do next, aside from calling local dealership next week and asking questions.
I've been watching the posts to the forum and your posts are very infomative and you sound like you know exactly what you're talking about......no muffler bearing replacement stratagies in any of your posts....
HI there, Mike,
What I would do is disconnect your negative battery terminal for 1 min, and then reconnect.
Then attempt the retraining again. Please keep us posted, c4c5:hb
Programming Remote fobs

I too am having the same problem !:( When you find a solution please let me know. I purchased a new battery, that didn't work, I tried to reset it and that didn't last, only for a short time. Please let me know what you find out.:bash
it's becoming very aggravating because it seems as though it maybe something minor, but we just don't know what to do.

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